Pleora's eBUS AI Studio™ is a powerful, intuitive "no code" software platform to develop AI and computer vision plug-ins for quality inspection applications. The software platform helps programmers, integrators, automated manufacturing solutions providers, and end-users rapidly develop, train, and test AI and computer vision plug-ins, customize open source models, and streamline production deployment.

With eBUS AI Studio, anyone can leverage the power of AI and computer vision to build advanced plug-ins that improve efficiencies, lower costs and reduce errors for automated and manual inspection tasks.

  • No Code: Drag-and-drop platform to build, train and deploy AI and computer vision plug-ins
  • Open Source: OpenCV and TensorFlow support lets users easily customize computer vision and AI algorithm code
  • Lower Costs: Avoid runtime licenses, vendor lock-in, and consulting fees
  • Streamline Deployment: Seamless integration with cameras, processing and PCs, with IIoT support for future scalability

Accessing You License

Following purchase or registration for a free trial, you will receive an email confirmation with details on how to access your license.