Pleora’s Visual Inspection System helps manufacturers reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure product quality by automating and adding decision-support for manual inspection of consumer goods, manufactured parts, food & beverage, and print & packaging. The inspection system intuitively guides operators through the manufacturing process and automatically identifies and visually highlights differences and deviations.

The plug-and-play system includes:

  • Pre-loaded AI inspection plug-ins that provide a quick-start framework to train using your unique data
  • Edge processing hardware to configure and run plug-ins, stream live and processed images, and manage camera settings
  • Camera with adjustable mounting and monitor

For unique requirements, end-users can design custom plug-ins in eBUS AI Studio or through Pleora’s plug-in development service.

Maintenance and Support Services

Pleora provides a comprehensive range of basic and standard maintenance and support offerings for the Visual Inspection System.