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eBUS Edge is a software platform that converts cameras, imaging solutions and embedded and IoT devices to a fully compliant GigE Vision, GenICam device without requiring any additional hardware. The software transmitter enables seamless standards-based integration between devices and machine vision and edge processing.

By adding eBUS Edge to a CPU's software stack, devices support image transmission and can respond to control requests from a host PC. Designers can upgrade to GigE Vision connectivity for any device, retain existing vision inspection processes and infrastructure, while using any standards-compliant third-party image processing solutions. Integrated GigE Vision and GenICam support lets users to continue to control devices over Ethernet. Device and system designers can also write code once and then deploy it on different operating systems or hardware platforms with a portable C++ or Python API, and built-in buffer management compatible with all sensor types. The future-proof solution allows developers to prepare for IIoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

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