eBUS SDK is the industry leading choice for image capture, display, and transmission in thousands of mission-critical applications. eBUS SDK is a comprehensive solution, providing developers with a feature-rich platform that simplifies application development with receive and transmit capabilities to streamline end-to-end data delivery between sensor devices and host applications.

To take full advantage of the eBUS SDK you must obtain a license. When a license is activated, an embossed watermark and restrictions for transmitting and receiving data are removed.

eBUS SDK (Developer Seat License)

Purchasing the eBUS SDK (Developer Seat License) entitles a single user full access to the latest version of eBUS and includes one year maintenance for access to eBUS updates. The Developer Seat License includes all available eBUS GigE Vision and USB Vision receive and transmit modules (GEV-Tx, GEV-Rx and U3V-Rx). The eBUS Player Toolkit is also included in the eBUS SDK download. (Please note, access to the eBUS SDK download package will be delivered via email within 1 business day following purchase)

Receive and Transmit Runtime Licenses

Receive and transmit runtime licenses are required when an application written using eBUS is deployed.
  • Rx License: eBUS-Rx will apply a watermark on received image streams by default. To remove the watermark, a runtime license is required on the receiving device. One license per device is required to remove a watermark from the video or image. There is no limit to the number of receive streams per device. Both GigE Vision (GEV-Rx) and USB3 Vision (U3V-Rx) runtime licenses are available as a download file or dongle shipped after purchase. Requires eBUS SDK 3.1 or higher. Note that if the image source is a Pleora based transmitter, eBUS-Rx will not apply a watermark and no runtime license is required.
  • Tx License: eBUS-Tx will transmit images for a total of 15 minutes and then stop transmitting by default. To enable permanent transmission, a GigE Vision transmitter (GEV-Tx) runtime license is required on the transmitting device. One license per camera or device is required. There is no limit to the number of transmit streams per device. Requires eBUS SDK 6.0 or higher.

For volume pricing on licenses, contact your local regional sales office.

Important Licensing Information:

  • When purchasing the downloadable license file enter your name and company information in English characters only.
  • You will receive an email from info@pleora.com with instructions on how to access your license file. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder.
  • When purchasing the Developer Seat license, access to the eBUS SDK download package will be delivered via email within 1 business day following purchase.
  • For a complete overview on license types, refer to the eBUS SDK data sheet and the eBUS Licensing Overview.

Developer Support Subscription

The Developer Support Subscription provides one year (365 days) of functional support for the eBUS SDK by a dedicated team of senior application engineers. This support offering is suited for customers requiring ongoing support during testing and development stages. The subscription includes:

  • Best practice guidance and troubleshooting support during basic installation and setup
  • Configuration support, analysis, and recommendations to ensure optimal performance
  • Source code samples to help speed design time
  • Access to dedicated technical support and documentation

Following the online purchase, you will receive a copy of Pleora’s standard maintenance and support agreement. The agreement must be signed/accepted and returned, at which point support will be activated.

Note that the Developer Support Subscription will provide one named individual with access to support. The subscription does not include design review and user-developed code debugging services. When using eBUS with non-Pleora hardware, third-party licenses must be purchased separately.

eBUS Player Toolkit

The eBUS Player Toolkit, included with the purchase of a Developer Seat License and also freely downloadable from the Pleora website, is an easy-to-use solution to both view streams and develop, test and evaluate advanced application features. The toolkit includes:

  • eBUS Player: Allows users to control the parameters of GigE Vision and USB3 Vision compliant The player receives video and allows users to view streaming data and adjust device configuration settings to determine optimal settings for the vision system. Note: the source code for eBUS Player is included as one of the code samples in the SDK.
  • eBUS Universal Pro Driver
  • Raw Image Viewer
  • Camera Link Setup Assistant