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Pleora's iPORT vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers increase system reliability and lower power consumption by eliminating PCs at display monitors. These external frame grabbers are compact, solid-state replacements for PCs where size, weight, power, or reliability are critical considerations.

The HDI-Pro receives video data from GigE Vision compliant cameras and outputs it in real time with low, consistent latency over an HDMI/DVI interface. The HDI-Pro can be pre-configured to receive video from any of 32 cameras via unicast or multicast transmission, and can autonomously control up to eight cameras.

For more information, including access to data sheets and additional resources, visit the iPORT vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers product page.  

vDisplay HDI-Pro Development Kit (930-1002)

Includes vDisplay HDI-Pro (930-1001), bracket with mounting screws, power supply, and eBUS SDK USB stick.

(The eBUS SDK provided on the USB stick with development kits is for use as-is, is not supported, and does not provide access to maintenance releases or runtime licenses for your workstations. The eBUS SDK Seat License (990-1024) - purchased separately - includes the latest version of eBUS SDK, a one-year subscription to Basic Maintenance and Support, and GEV-Tx, GEV-Rx and U3V-Rx runtime licenses.)


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